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From Complaining to Collaborating: How to (Finally) Get the Most from IT

If you’re like most managers, your relationship with IT can be summed up in a word: frustrating!  Exploiting technology requires sorting through convoluted processes, data, and systems only to find your requests mired in red tape and projects late and over budget. But here’s something you probably don’t know: all those things you hate about your company’s IT? Your IT leaders hate them too.  So stop complaining—and start collaborating with the people who can help you fix them.

In 8 Things We Hate About IT, acclaimed IT expert Susan Cramm argues that business and IT leaders fail to understand the very different pressures their counterparts face. Business leaders want technology to drive results – right here, right now.  IT leaders, on the other hand, must do so while promoting the long-term interests of the enterprise.  To resolve this paradox, you need to forge a new partnership with your IT leaders by understanding the world they live in—and use that insight to get what you want in a way that works for everyone involved.

In candid, practical terms, Cramm outlines what the new business/IT partnership should look like and what you and your IT colleagues must do to make it work. You’ll learn how to “help IT help you” to:

  • Navigate the IT bureaucracy to get projects green-lighted
  • Realize tangible business value while ensuring on-time, on budget delivery
  • Leverage standardized technologies to reduce “lights on” costs and effectively manage risks
  • Innovate without being hindered by IT

To get what you want out of IT, you need to assume responsibility for managing the IT assets that fuel your business. The payoff—in day-to-day effectiveness and efficiency and long-term competitiveness—will be well worth the effort.

Susan Cramm is founder and president of Valuedance, and an award-winning writer and author of the Harvard Business Review blog “Have IT Your Way.”


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